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The Minister of SMEs and Startups visited the Munrae-dong Industrial Cluster Zone, expressing the Ministry's will to nurture small manufacturers

Spokesperson's office
Minister OH Youngju of SMEs and Startups met with representatives of small manufacturers and relevant associations. During the meeting, the Minister explained the MSS policies to support small manufacturers and collected feedback.

The Minister pledged to offer comprehensive policies to enhance the competitiveness of small manufacturers, including addressing the Serious Accidents Punishment Act, digital transformation, carbon neutrality, and expansion abroad
On February 15, Minister OH Youngju of SMEs and Startups (MSS) visited the Industrial Cluster Zone for small manufacturers in Munrae-dong, Seoul. The purpose of the visit was to collect feedback and concerns of companies and associations regarding the government's policies to support small manufacturers. During the visit, the Minister also took the opportunity to encourage representatives and employees of small manufacturers, including Samhwa Laser Co., Ltd.

This visit marked the first step in gathering feedback from the field to reflect the concerns of small manufacturers regarding policies such as the Serious Accidents Punishment Act, Digital Transformation, Carbon Neutrality, and Overseas Expansion.

The Industrial Cluster Zone in Munrae-dong, Seoul, is the largest area in the country where small manufacturers are concentrated. It hosts over 1,230 small manufacturers and serves as the foundation for domestic Ppuri industries. These industries primarily produce machinery and metal products, which are crucial to the future growth of the manufacturing industry.

Minister OH Youngju said, "I was able to gather valuable opinions from small manufacturers, who form the backbone of our country's manufacturing industry, and experience the vibrant atmosphere of the field."  She emphasized, "We will support small manufacturers to adapt to changes in the external environment, including the implementation of the Serious Accidents Punishment Act and the expansion of the global market."

She further added, "We plan to establish the 'Third Comprehensive Plan to Support Small Urban Manufacturers (2025-2027)' by 2024. This medium to long-term plan aims to support small manufacturers. We are asking for the industry's feedback to create better create policies."

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