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Policy Target

Policy Target

MSS's policy target includes Micro Enterprises (MEs) and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs).
These two types of enterprises account for 99.9% of the entire private enterprises of Korea.

Micro Enterprises

A Micro Enterprise is defined as an enterprise employing nine or less people (in the service industry, four or less people). The number of MEs in Korea amounts to approximately 3 million.

Small-sized Enterprises

A Small-sized Enterprise is an enterprise that has annual sales revenue less than 1 to 12 billion Korean Won (threshold varies with industry), and Small-sized Enterprises include Micro Enterprises. In Korea there are 378,000 Small-sized enterprises excluding Micro Enterprises.

Medium-sized Enterprises

A Medium-sized Enterprise is an enterprise that is bigger than Small-sized Enterprise and has annual sales revenue less than 40 to 150 billion Korean Won (threshold varies with industry). There are 102,000 Medium-sized Enterprises in Korea.

Recognization & Processing of national business survey

  • Large Enterprises(LE) 71,736 (2015)
  • Under 4.4 billion USD Total asset value
  • High Potential Enterprises(HPE) 3,558 (2015)
  • Small and Medium Enterprises(SME) 3.542 millon 2014.
    • Mid-sized Enterprises : Under 130 million USD (average sales of last 3 years)
    • Medium-sized Enterprises 102,000
    • Small-sized Enterprises : 1~12 billion KRW (0.8~10 million USD)
    • Small-sized Enterprises 378,000
    • Micro-Enterprises(ME) - Number of Employees : 1~9
    • Micro-Enterprises 3.063 million